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Image by Christian Wiediger

Latest Software for APS Ink Delivery Systems

The APS Engineering Pico, Nano, and Mega Ink Delivery Systems (IDS) all run with the same easy-to-use software, which can be downloaded below. 

​Software Installation Instructions​​​

A. Pump Software: 

1. Download the Pump Software version for your unit. 

2. Unzip the file to your PC.  It will be a *.hex file.

B. PC GUI Software:

1. Download the PC GUI Software.

2. Unzip the file to your PC.  It will be a *.html file.  

3. Double click the file to run it in Chrome or Edge browser.

C XLoader Software:

1. IMPORTANT -- Unplug the pump unit from the Power Outlet.  Leave the USB cable plugged in.

2. Download the XLoader Software.

3. Unzip the package.  It will contain a number of files.  

4. Run the "XLoader.exe" program.  The other files must be in the same directory for the program to run properly.  Make sure the pump unit is unplugged from the power outlet.  The program will not load unless the power cord is unplugged.  Leave the USB cable plugged into the unit.

4.  A file folder will open (shown below). Select Hex File: "Nano IDS R7 10.02.2021.hex" and click "Open"

5. The file folder will close. Return to the XLoader dialog box and select the COM Port that the IDS is on

6. Press "Upload" 

7. The IDS unit will turn off and on again when loaded

8. The IDS unit is ready to run

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