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Innovative Ink Delivery Systems

APS Engineering creates cutting-edge ink delivery systems for inkjet printing, additive manufacturing, and microdispensing. APS offers an innovative line of precision ink or fluid delivery systems for all stages of production, as well as printbar design and consulting services for custom projects.

Our Services

Our Products

Each of APS Engineering's ink delivery systems (IDS) for piezo printheads is tailored to serve you at different stages in production. Contact us to discuss which system will be right for your project.

The Pico's super-efficient design minimizes stranded fluid within the system to support fluid evaluation and/or development, waveform development, and jetting reliability.

The Nano combines the compact efficiency of the Pico with increased capacity and a built-in degasser to support both drop watching and low-volume production.

The Mega delivers twice the flowrate of the Nano, supporting large printing or additive manufacturing  systems in full production. The Mega integrates easily into your existing setup to provide reliable results at large scale.

APS's Degas Unit was designed for use with the Pico system but can also be used as a standlone unit as needed. 

Download APS Engineering's current product brochure. 


Consulting and Design Services

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, APS Engineering specializes in taking ink delivery, additive manufacturing, and printing hardware projects from initial concept to high-volume production. Contact us below for a consultation to discuss your ideas.

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